Faculty Profile

Elizabeth Vertin

NMS Piano Faculty
Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth Vertin, having grown up in the Chicago metro area, experienced an eclectic music scene, and grew to love classical music. She began studying piano at age 3 with the well known composer Kevin Olson and went on to learn from more noteworthy instructors. Performance has always been a large part of Elizabeth’s musicianship. She gained great experience in performing through recitals and competitions. Performances have taken her from the Capital building in Denver to the Cultural Center in Chicago, and even performed at a charity event hosted by the Prince and Princess of Serbia

Moving to Colorado in 2010, she began her studies at Colorado Christian University’s School of Music with an emphasis in piano performance. She participated in many recitals and performances in piano and choral music at her school. While attending CCU, she had the privilege of studying under accomplished musicians while developing her passion performing, conducting, and composing.

Since graduating in 2014, Elizabeth has continued to pursue her passions and share her valuable knowledge with her piano students.‚Ä®Elizabeth began teaching in 2008. Her teaching philosophy is based on a strong teacher-student relationship. She believes that every student has unique needs, and it is the teacher’s job to provide education that encompasses the visual, written, and oral aspects of learning. Providing each student with attention, grace, and care in order for them to excel in excellence is a teacher’s role.  

Alongside private teaching, Elizabeth did volunteer teaching for two years at a program called Music Alive in Denver. The after school program allowed under privileged children to take music and art classes amongst their other activities. She helped enrich each student’s life beyond the piano lesson by showing a genuine interest in his or her creative and personal growth. She also loves to volunteer her talent for the elderly by playing recitals at senior homes. 

Her love for music and teaching has proven successful in the development of her students and the positive feedback she receives from parents.