Student Profile

Brede Baldwin

"Ryan had the daunting task of training a 15 year-old boy during the “voice change” and he did it beautifully. Brede came through with a stronger rock/pop voice, brighter, yet still raspy and powerful. His range has stretched and the notes he can hit in his chest voice surprise even Brede. He was a natural talent but has progressed immensely. Ryan has taught him so much about breath control, phrasing, diction and even stage presence. Brede has a demanding performance schedule, and Ryan has ensured that he meets those demands with a healthy voice."

Brede is a voice student of Ryan Belongie and a piano student of Francisco Ybarra. Brede can be followed online at his Facebook page. In 2014 he released his first EP, Broadcast and is currently touring the Chicagoland area performing to sold-out venues!