Student Profile

Daniel Hernandez

Young Artist Program

Have you ever had an unpleasant learning experience that involved teachers that did not handle the class well, or felt when you walked out of the class, you hadn't learned anything? Well I will be the first to vouch that you will not be in a situation like this once you walk out of the class from the thirteenth floor of the Bennet Brothers building. My name is Daniel Hernandez, I am an aspiring trumpet student who first found his passion for the instrument at the age of nineteen. I first held a trumpet in Mexico unconscious of the fact that in a matter of months I would take up the task of trying to figure out how to play the instrument by myself.

As I studied and studied the trumpet in Mexico, I found myself learning little by little enjoying small success. I quickly realized that I would not be able to feel the satisfaction of playing a song that I liked unless I found more information on the internet or in books. I searched the internet rigorously to find some articles and during this time I stumbled upon New Music School in my hometown of Chicago. I put it aside but never forgot about the school. It was always in the back of my mind and I wanted to attend a class once I returned to Chicago. I gathered all types of articles from the internet and some helped with my students and other where to no avail. A couple of months later I returned to Chicago and sent NMS an email, they responded quickly and a appointment was set,

My first class was very pleasant, I was in awe of my teachers talent and left that thirteenth floor (which I have become so familiar with) knowing that having a great teacher would help me reach my goals. I've been attending the school for some time now, and have seen my skills and knowledge on the trumpet greatly increase significantly. I believe that what I have learned with Ryan would have taken me at least triple the time or maybe I would have never been able to learn the information by myself. It is truly one of the greatest advantages to be motivated but even a greater advantage to have someone that will guide you down the right path. At the end of the day, I believe when you study at NMS, you receive a teacher who is willing to guide you down the right path; teaching you the essentials of your desired instrument in a methodical and enjoyable way. This is why I would recommend to anyone enrollment at New Music School!