Student Profile

Erin and Michaela

A Parent's Perspective

"New Music School has given our children more than we could have expected at the outset. Francisco has inspired Erin through his own enthusiasm for piano study and his approach, respecting the perspective kids are coming from. Through this, he's able to keep her engaged while raising her expectations for what she can accomplish. While we consider him to be the best teacher we have met, the private instruction is only one part of NMS's well-rounded approach. Our children have spent seminars working shoulder to shoulder with professionals in theatre, opera, dance, and artists and performed in a variety of public venues, been offered the opportunity to participate in master classes with the CSO, and supported their study in creative classes with their friends. I believe that NMS offers an unparalleled and unique experience in music education."

Patty Abrams two daughters are currently enrolled in New Music School at the Montessori School of Lake Forest