Student Profile

Richard Frank

Adult Program

Susan Merdinger performs classical piano repertoire with exceptional beauty and artistry. Her interpretation of all musical genres and deep insight into composition allows her to provide breathtaking performances in recitals, competitions and on the concert stage. Susan’s passion for and experience with all classical music literature allows her to collaborate and support musicians who aspire to perform compositions combining piano, voice, strings, woodwinds and other types of musical instruments. 

As a teacher, Susan provides a comprehensive analysis of musical structure, accent, voicing, rhythm, harmony and interpretation. She has helped her piano students understand the structure and achieve the fingering and phrasing for the most complicated musical passages. She provides the support and encouragement required by students who want to excel while performing in recitals, competitions and master classes. Susan is surrounded by family, friends and peers who she has helped grow musically and personally and we are all thankful for her capacity to share her knowledge, skills and dedication to life, music and the arts.

Richard Frank is an advanced student in the NMS Adult Program.