Student Profile


College Preparatory Program Alumni

"I signed up for NMS lessons midway through my junior year of high school. It took me a little longer than most to decide on a career in music and so when I set my sights on going to a top-notch conservatory I looked for the best instruction that I could get, the best vehicle that would help me achieve my goals- I found all that and more in NMS. Lessons were comprehensive and engaging, ensuring that the basics were well understood, and then built upon that musical foundation in a fun and exciting way. My instructor was genuinely concerned of my progress and was very knowledgeable about the preparation process for auditions and a career in music. In the end, I was accepted into the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music that I enjoyed immensely and I thank NMS for helping me get there. NMS's passion, intensity, focus, and vision matched mine and allowed me to grow into a better musician, but also more importantly, a better person who welcomed hard work and saw firsthand what could be accomplished through it," Alex.

Alex is a recent Percussion and Music Theory Alumni.